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BECCS and Negative CO2 Emissions

Image of the cover of Global Change Biology

The Greening of the Northern Great Plains and its Biogeochemical Precursors

Jack Brookshire, Paul C. Stoy, Bryce Currey, Bruce Finney
image of the cover of 'Global Change Biology Bioenergy' journal

Land Management and Climate Change Determine Second‐Generation Bioenergy Potential of the US Northern Great Plains

Katelyn A. Dolan, Paul C. Stoy, and Benjamin Poulter
A picture of the cover of BioScience magazine

Opportunities and Trade-offs among BECCS and the Food, Water, Energy, Biodiversity, and Social Systems Nexus at Regional Scales

Paul C. Stoy, Selena Ahmed, Meghann Jarchow, Ben Rashford, David Swanson, Shannon Albeke, Gabriel Bromley, E.N.J. Brookshire, Mark D. Dixon, Julia Haggerty, Perry Miller, Brent Peyton, Alisa Royem, Lee Spangler, Crista Staub, and Benjamin Poulter

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Logo for Nature Communications journal

Land-Use Emissions Play a Critical Role in Landbased Mitigation for Paris Climate Targets

Anna B. Harper, Tom Powell, Peter M. Cox, Joanna House, Chris Huntingford, Timothy M. Lenton, Stephen Sitch, Eleanor Burke, Sarah E. Chadburn, William J. Collins, Edward Comyn-Platt, Vassilis Daioglou, Jonathan C. Doelman, Garry Hayman, Eddy Robertson, Detlef van Vuuren, Andy Wiltshire, Christopher P. Webber, Ana Bastos, Lena Boysen, Philippe Ciais, Narayanappa Devaraju, Atul K. Jain, Andreas Krause, Ben Poulter, and Shijie Shu

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An image of the cover of the Journal of Rural Mental Health

Farmer and Rancher Perceptions of Climate Change and their Relationship with Mental Health

Meredith Howard, Selena Ahmed, Paul Lachapelle, and Mark B. Schure

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cover of Hydrology and Earth Science Systems journal

Convective Suppression Before and During the United States Northern Great Plains Flash Drought of 2017

Tobias Gerken, Gabriel T. Bromley, Benjamin L. Ruddell, Skylar Williams, and Paul C. Stoy

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logo for Sustainability

Climate Change Perceptions and Observations of Agricultural Stakeholders in the Northern Great Plains

Bruna Irene Grimberg, Selena Ahmed, Colter Ellis, Zachariah Miller, and Fabian Menalled

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An image of the cover of the Journal of Hydrometeorology

Surface Moistening Trends in the Northern North American Great Plains Increase the Likelihood of Convective Initiation

Tobias Gerken, Gabriel T. Bromley, and Paul C. Stoy

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Environmental and Land Management

Cover of 'Land Use Policy' Journal

Non-monetary landscape features most desirable across the Upper Missouri River Basin

AminRastandeh,MorganCarnes, andMeghannJarchow

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Cover of GCB Bioenergy Journal

Aboveground and belowground responses to cyanobacterial biofertilizer supplement in a semi-arid, perennial bioenergy cropping system

An image of the cover of the 'Ecosphere' journal--an image of a beach with grass next to it and the word 'Ecosphere'

Spatial analysis of landscape social values in multifunctional landscapes of the Upper Missouri River Basin

Amin Rastandeh, Morgan Carnes, and Meghann Jarchow

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icon of a book and a graduation hat and the word "thesis"

Land-Use Change and Social Values in Micropolitan Communities in the Upper Missouri River Basin

Morgan Carnes

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The South Dakota Academy of Science logo

Social Values Regarding Ecosystem Services and Land Use in the Western Corn Belt

M. Carnes and M. Jarchow

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Image of the 'Encyclopia of the UN Sustainable Development Goals'

North American Grasslands as Multifunctional Landscapes

Meghann Jarchow, David Swanson, and Jacob Kerby

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The logo for the 'Science Direct' Journal

Aligning Evidence Generation and Use Across Health, Development, and Environment

Tallis, et al.

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logo for sustainability

Perceptions, Experiences, and Priorities Supporting Agroecosystem Management Decisions Differ among Agricultural Producers, Consultants, and Researchers

Sean McKenzie, Hilary Parkinson, Jane Mangold, Mary Burrows, Selena Ahmed, and Fabian Menalled

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Cover of Research Features Magazine

A Sustainable Approach to Environmental Management 

Meghann Jarchow, et al.

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Text: Communities in Transition

Cover of the Energy Policy journal

Coal Communities and the U.S. Energy Transition: A policy Corridors Assessment

Roemer, K.F. and Haggerty, J.H

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Logo for Resources for the Future

Coal Communities in Transition: A Cases Study of Colstrip, Montana

Roemer, K.F., Raimi, D., and Glaser, R.

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Food Systems

Image of NPJ Science of Food logo

Systematic Review on Effects of Bioenergy from Edible versus Inedible Feedstocks on Food Security

Selena Ahmed, Teresa Warne, Erin Smith, Hannah Goemann , Greta Linse, Mark Greenwood, Jeremy Kedziora, Meghan Sapp, Debra Kraner, Kelli Roemer, Julia H. Haggerty, Meghann Jarchow, David Swanson, Benjamin Poulter, and Paul C. Stoy

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An image of a pair of hands holding a bunch of potatoes and the words "Rapid Tool Based on a Food Environment Typology Framework for evaluating Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Food Systems Resilience"

Rapid Tool Based on a Food Environment Typology Framework for Evaluating Effects of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Food System Resilience

Selena Ahmed, Shauna M. Downs, Chunyan Yang, Long Chunlin, Noah ten Broek, and Suparna Ghosh-Jerath

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A Food Environment Typology for Global Applications

Shauna Downs, Selena Ahmed, and Anna Herforth

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MDPI Food Journal Logo

Food Environment Typology: Advancing an Expanded Definition, Framework, and Methodological Approach for Improved Characterization of Wild, Cultivated, and Built Food Environments toward Sustainable Diets

Shauna M. Downs, Selena Ahmed, Jessica Fanzo, and Anna Herforth

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Cover image of the Journal of Agriculture, Food Systems, and Community Development

Contribution of Wild Foods to Diet, Food Security, and Cultural Values Amidst Climate Change

Erin Smith, Selena Ahmed, Virgil Dupuis, MaryAnn Running Crane, Margaret Eggers, Mike Pierre, Kenneth Flagg, and Carmen Byker Shanks

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logo for Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems

Sustainability Dimensions of a North American Lentil System in a Changing World

Teresa Warne, Selena Ahmed, Carmen Byker Shanks, and Perry Miller

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logo for Frontiers in Sustainable Food Systems

Advancing an Integrative Framework to Evaluate Sustainability in National Dietary Guidelines

Selena Ahmed, Shauna Downs, and Jessica Fanzo

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image of the cover of UNSCN Food Environments

Advancing Healthy and Sustainable Food Environments: The Flathead Reservation Case Study

Selena Ahmed, Carmen Byker Shanks, Virgil Dupuis, and Mike Pierre

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image of the cover of the encyclopedia of un sustainable development goals

Supporting Sustainable Development Goals Through Sustainable Diets

Selena Ahmed and Carmen Byker Shanks

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Cover of Food Security Magazine

Fruit and Vegetable Desirability is Lower in More Rural Built Food Environments of Montana, USA Using the Produce Desirability (ProDes) Tool

Selena Ahmed, Carmen Byker Shanks, Teresa Smith, and Justin Shanks

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Agriculture, Nutrition, and Health Academy Logo

Missing Wild and Cultivated Environments in Food Environment Measures

Selena Ahmed and Anna Herforth

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Creating Sustainable, Resilient Food Systems for Healthy Diets

Anna Herforth, Selena Ahmed, Fabrice Declerck, Jessica Fanzo, and Roseline Remans

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 Habitat and Biodiversity

Image of the cover of Landscape Ecology

Investigating niches and distribution of rare species in a hierarchical framework: Virginia’s Warbler (Leiothlypis virginiae) at its northeastern range limit

Goljani-Amirkhiz, R., J.S. Palmer, M.D. Dixon, and D.L. Swanson.

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Image of the cover of The Prairie Naturalist

Patterns and Potential Causes of Changing Winter Bird Distributions in South Dakota

Swanson, D.L., R. Goljani Amirkhiz, and M.D. Dixon.

Prairie Naturalist 52:45-57 (2020)

Image of the cover of Landscape Ecology--several photos of nature and biodiversity

Incorporating social values and wildlife habitats for biodiversity conservation modeling in landscapes of the Great Plains

Amin Rastandeh, Meghann Jarchow, and Morgan Carnes

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Image of the cover of Cities and Health Journal

Urbanization and biodiversity loss in the post-COVID-19 era: complex challenges and possible solutions

Amin Rastandeh and Meghann Jarchow

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Image of the cover of Landscape Ecology

Implications of Future Climate- and Land-Change Scenarios on Grassland Bird Abundance and Biodiversity in the Upper Missouri River Basin

A. P. BaltenspergerM. D. Dixon, and D. L. Swanson

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Does Metabolism Constrain Bird and Mammal Ranges and Predict Shifts in Response to Climate Change?

Lauren B. Buckley, Imran Khaliq, David L. Swanson, and Christian Hof

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Loss of Potential Aquatic-Terrestrial Subsidies Along the Missouri River Floodplain

Jeff S. Wesner, David L. Swanson, Mark D. Dixon, Daniel A Soluk, Danielle J Quist, Lisa A Yager, Jerry W. Warmbold, Erika Oddy, and Tyler C. Seidel

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